UGEARS: Mechanical Horse

Ugears continues to explore the mystery of mechanics and this March exclusively on Kickstarter we present 12 absolutely new creations. Our engineers and designers invested all of their creativity and passion into this new fascinating range: the Horse-Mechanoid, the Archballista-Tower, the Tower Windmill, the Stagecoach, the V-Express Steam Train with Tender, the Secret model (Trimaran Merihobus), the Roadster, the Aviator, the Bike, the Heavy Boy Long-Hauler with the Trailer, and the Flexi-Cubus.   Kickstarter Page

Back in Time: Marco + Stefano Van Orton

Jason and Freddy. Alien and Predator. Magic and Bird. Even He-Man and Skeletor. The 1980s are full of first-name-basis duos who dominated pop culture. And another duo started paying homage to those icons long before Stranger Things introduced us to the Upside Down. Twins Marco and Stefano Van Orton, who work together as Van Orton Design, pair ’80s nostalgia with Technicolor patterns that incorporate the dots and lines wielded by Roy Lichtenstein and other Pop art idols from an even earlier decade.

I found out about the twins through this Adobe Create article. I realized that I had seen and appreciated their work before on Behance.

Their website is full of eye candy, but make sure you check out the Icons work here or here!

Artists Collaborate To Design The Interior Of This Surreal Bar

This bar in Romania is unbelievable and incredibly surreal!

Built in collaboration with 6th Sense Interiors and lots of other first grade artists, having steampunk and dark-fantasy influences, Q Caffe’s new design “illustrates the social man’s path, presented from different perspectives, and the complexity of the oneiric, fantastic dimension that pushes past reality’s borders, amplifying and even transforming it.”’s just an explosion of beautiful colors and craziness!

Check it out!

Forgotten Structures Overtaken by Nature

I have always been fascinated by pictures of things being overtaken by nature due to abandonment or neglect. I feel there is a story to tell in all of them.

Photographer Johnny Joo (based in Cleveland, OH) explores abandoned structures overtaken by the natural surroundings that had originally been tamed to make space for them. Joo captures ferris wheels, cottages, malls, schools, armories, and thruways as they slip back into obscurity, covered in undergrowth, vines, and trees.

Check them out!