Amsterdam-Based Illustrators Create Whimsical Handmade Murals

“Wallnuts,” a mural collective from the Netherlands, takes doodling to a new level through mural art. The two-member team, made up of Amsterdam natives Lienke Raben and Esther de Korte, have brought new life into offices, work spaces, and shopping centers through their imaginative, playful illustration style. Both women specialize in custom lettering, as well as in handmade and digital drawing, and have been featured in various online blogs and magazines.

Apart from walls, the mural-making duo has also dabbled in painting on atypical “canvases,” such as furniture, skateboards, and even a foosball table! Their hand-painted collages are sure to catch your eye, and you may even find yourself mesmerized by the sea of illustrations!

Check out their work here!

Crop It Like It’s Hot

The golden arches make McDonald’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world. But with 36,000 locations, often visited by people driving on unfamiliar highways, those arches could make for a pretty functional bit of wayfinding design, too. In a new campaign, McDonald’s and the branding firm Cossette took over highway billboards near Toronto, cropping and abstracting the McDonald’s arches into a series of GPS-like cues–to turn right, turn left, or exit soon. Read more here.

Back in Time: Marco + Stefano Van Orton

Jason and Freddy. Alien and Predator. Magic and Bird. Even He-Man and Skeletor. The 1980s are full of first-name-basis duos who dominated pop culture. And another duo started paying homage to those icons long before Stranger Things introduced us to the Upside Down. Twins Marco and Stefano Van Orton, who work together as Van Orton Design, pair ’80s nostalgia with Technicolor patterns that incorporate the dots and lines wielded by Roy Lichtenstein and other Pop art idols from an even earlier decade.

I found out about the twins through this Adobe Create article. I realized that I had seen and appreciated their work before on Behance.

Their website is full of eye candy, but make sure you check out the Icons work here or here!