Sound You Can Touch

Artist Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti, cofounders of the interactive design studio Dave & Gabe have designed an algorithm that creates the illusion of 3D space sculpted through sound. They recently created a large-scale interactive installation for The Lab at the Panorama Festival. Where attendees can "explore, manipulate, and create sounds in real time through tactile engagement." See the finished video here Want to read more about Dave and Gabe? Click here

Real-Life Eye Dropper Tool

Designed to look like a diamond (cleverly linking to the diamond’s ability to break white light into millions of colors) the Nix Pro Color Sensor is a handheld device that allows you to scan/pick colors from the real world and record them, translating them into RGB, CMYK, Lab, HTML, and various other color standards, almost becoming like a dream for graphic designers, fashion designers, web designers, architects, automotive designers/CMF designers, and a whole variety of other professions.

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