Amazon Alexa In Your Car

The Amazon Echo is like a fancy Siri for your home, answering to “Alexa” and fulfilling your commands. Soon, Alexa will be in Volkswagens, too—assisting owners and giving updates on the status of the car from wherever. The Volkswagen announcement about Alexa comes after Ford said this past week that it’ll integrate Alexa into its fleet as well. According to Engadget, Volkswagen cars that have Alexa enabled will be able to do everything the Echo device does—the Echo can tell you about the time or the weather, play music, set timers, add to a grocery list and read books to you, for example—along with some car-centered features as well.

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Elaborate Floral Scrollwork Engraved on Coins

Over the past few years we’ve explored a number of artists keen on transforming the faces of coins into sculptural artworks, a craft dating back to the 18th century that’s known colloquially as a hobo nickel. One such artist who has his own unique twist on etching the faces of coins is UK-based engraver Shaun Hughes who focuses mostly on embellishing existing coin faces with different styles of floral scrollwork. The patterns often sprawl directly across the coin’s portrait creating an intriguing tattoo-like effect. Hughes shares photos and process videos on his Instagram account and sells many of his final creations on Ebay.

Raccoon Mural made from Painted Trash

Absolutely love this trash! From a distance, this public art just looks like your average mural with expressive brush strokes, bold colors, and an adorable animal.  As you get up-close, though, the giant raccoon image begins to make a surprising transformation… into three dimensions. More Here!