Hand Portraits

Instead of painting directly on paper, first-grade school teacher Russel Powell paints realistic portraits directly on his hand, then using it as a stamp. The San Jose-based teacher-artist paints quickly enough that the paint doesn’t dry, letting his palm-lines become part of the piece. Powell calls this process “hand-stamping,” and even incorporates similar art projects into his classes.

Check out his work here.

Gargantuan Octopus Rendered with Discarded Ballpoint Pens

Inspired in part by his graphic-designer friends disparaging comments about the lowly ballpoint pen, artist Ray Cicin took it upon himself to collect all their discarded pens and embarked on this drawing of a mammoth octopus. The piece is inspired by German naturalist Ernst Haeckel’s famous illustration of squid and octopi, and is part of Cicin’s ongoing Deep Blue series. Click Here for more of the story! You can also follow more of his work on Instagram.