Vintage Lincoln Continental Reproduced in Cardboard

Shannon Goff was born in Detroit, a trigger for her lifelong interest in the evolution of transportation. Captivated by her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V, she had considered making the car many times, but shied away due its massive size. “Miles to Empty” brings this longtime dream to reality, a sculpture that is her most ambitious project to date.  The work pays homage to her grandfather and hometown while dually reexamining themes inherent to the Motor City like the American obsessions of luxury and convenience. Click Here for more!

UGEARS: Self Propelled DIY Models

UGEARS are a series of 11 new mechnical models built from wooden pieces that spring to life with the help of rubber band engines, cranks, or with the assistance of gravity. Similar to balsa wood insects, the laser-cut pieces assemble like a puzzle without need for glue or adhesives. The most impressive design is an elaborate 480-piece steam locomotive that’s 12″ long and propels itself up and down a provided track with an internal engine.

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Creative Drywall Solutions

Bernie Mitchell is a drywall contractor with a very unique skill set. He designs, constructs, sculpts and finishes specialty drywall features in shoreline homes and cottages. Bernie started a simple form of relief in the early 1990s. In his profession as a drywall finisher, he was experimenting with raised panels on wall surfaces where natural light had a positive effect as a relief form. Then he began using items such as wheat and barley stalks to leave impressions in the wet joint compound, and his experience with large pictorial carvings in leather led him to applying the same ideas as wall relief. Today, Bernie is a drywall contractor and he puts his creativity to work designing, constructing, sculpting and finishing specialty features in shoreline homes and cottages. He prefers to use birds as his main subjects – blue heron, osprey and loons – but he also enjoys sculpting horses, wolves and dogs. Soon he'll be releasing instructional tutorials for you to create these in your own home!