Safety Truck

Trucks can be incredibly frustrating obstacles for drivers to pass if they are moving too slowly, yet they are essential to the world we live in - without them we wouldn't be able to buy anything from food to electronic items. Because of their size it can be hard to see around them to make an overtake, but Samsung may have come up with a solution.

By placing a camera in the front bumper of the truck and linking it to four monitors placed at the rear, drivers that are following can see when it is safe to pass. We hope that they find a way to optimise this cool idea to save real lives. For more information visit

11 Things That Don’t Mean Good Design

One great way to find a mediocre designer? Look for the ones who call designs “good” or “bad” without understanding them. Good designers don’t follow trends for no good reason. Mediocre ones fawn over things without getting why or how they work. Here are things that newbie designers think are hallmarks of good design.