Star Wars Snow Sculpture

Well if you know me, you know I’m a Star Wars nerd. What you may not know is how much I admire and appreciate sculpture. On the other hand, I hate snow. Nonetheless this snow sculpture is amazing and two out of three aint bad!

A massive snow sculpture that took one month and the (rumored) help of the Japanese Army to construct has been completed in Japan. The sculpture, made for the 66th Sapporo Snow Festival, stands 15 meters tall and 23 meters wide and took 3,500 tons of snow to build.

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Lumino City

For nearly three years, a six-member team of developers called State of Play has been toiling away in a London studio making a new video game. While there are probably thousands of such teams around the world coding away into the night, the members of this team are a bit different. Among them are an architect, a photographer, and a model maker, all needed to help physically construct the game’s environment. Titled Lumino City, the entire video game was first handmade entirely out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors. While many games appropriate paper textures or have some kind of paper aesthetic, State of Play took things one step further and built the sets for each puzzle, photographed or filmed them, and then set everything in motion with code. The result is a breathtakingly beautiful puzzle game starring an intrepid girl who tries to solve the mystery of her missing grandfather. After an hour or so of extensive research I can confirm the game is amazing. Lumino City is available for the Mac and PC, and is coming very soon to iOS. You can read a bit more over on The Verge.

Minimalism in the Maximalist Market

Ever wondered how brands would look like stripped down and naked?

That’s exactly what Istanbul designer Mehmet Gözetlik from design group Antrepo did in his set entitled Minimalism Effect in the Maximalist Market. Gözetlik took some of the most iconic international brands and applied gradually increasing minimalist effect.

The result? Something like one might see in a dystopian, 1984-esque future.

The study aims to see how many elements you can remove from a product packaging and still retain a product’s branding. Packaging is of course a key element in brand marketing and some of the more famous brands’ elements are recognizable anywhere.

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David Sena – A Master Tattoo Artist who also “Paints” with Fire

Cool Hunting Video: David Sena from Cool Hunting on Vimeo. Sena (a tattoo artist) creates large-scale artworks using an unusual method: the Cooper Union graduate "paints" almost exclusively using fireworks. The results are fantastic. The artist translates rough burn marks and leftover trails from smoke bombs into mesmerizing pieces that viewers would never believe were born from roadside explosives.

by Cool Hunting Video in Culture on 29 May 2014