Ok Go’s Mesmerizing Music Video

An amazing mix of music, choreography and nerdy tech! In the five-minute clip, this band rolls around on high-tech scooters called Honda UNI-CUBs, a single-wheel riding system not yet available to the masses. (It’s still in the development stage.) Then, while the band zips around on their “future chairs,” they..well...Just watch it! You may recognize the band from their groundbreaking treadmill video "Here It Goes Again" from 2006.

Famous Album Covers Come to Life

We regularly feature the best GIF Art we can find around the web, but now we found a whole video, mastering the art of the moving image in a new and unexpected way. Israeli director Vania Heymann has created a whole music video that brings famous artists to life in their album cover photos. A wonderfully bizarre sight of album covers making music, that's definitely worth a closer look. The beatbox-song entitled 'Mayokero' we're listening to, is by Roy Kafri.