25 Years of the Internet

The Internet has been around for 25 years. Boy, we’ve come a long way. Remember the days of Netscape? How about Napster? 1.44 MB floppies, anyone?

In celebration of the Internet’s 25th birthday, Onyx created an interactive website highlighting some Internet and technology favorites. I have always been a bit of a history buff and nostalgia nerd, but I really like the interactive, info-graphic style of this site!

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A Letter From An Old Graphic Designer
To A Young Graphic Designer

Dear Young Graphic Designer,

When I search for “young graphic designers,” Google shows me at least 5 articles on how cool young artists are—about how brilliant you are, about how much talent you have in you—all the glorification that will propel your ego. But when I search for “old graphic designers,” all I see are articles questioning our capabilities, our future, and our obsoleting skills. It leaves me wondering where I stand in the graphic design industry.

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365 Postcards for Ants – Lorraine Loots

Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots created the project '365 Postcards for Ants', painting a tiny picture every day for 365 days that she uploaded on her Tumblr and Instagram. At first her subjects stemmed from her own imagination but as the project gained followers, people took the opportunity to book dates that were special to them to commission a personal painting. If you'd like to book one of the tiny delights for yourself, click here.